Talynn TooLow

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Our Story♥


Chris and I met because in December, my boyfriend cheated on me with his girlfriend. Funny, how God puts us with the right people. But anyway, it started out as us kind of just being there for each other, and then it became a crush♥, but I wouldn't really call it a crush, we both made it pretty obvious that we were developing feelings for each other. So, on January 17, 2013, he wrote me a note. It was in a little envelope and everything. I opened it, and it said;


Your eyes tell a story of a heart filled with fear,

that every boy you date will just bring you to tears.

You think that we are all exactly the same,

but the truth is, they just didn't have a brain.

Because you are so beautiful in every single way,

your smile and your kisses get me through the day.

I will hold you forever; my arms wrapping you,

Keeping your feelings in mind, knowing you'll keep mine too.

So, the question I'm asking, in a very corny way,

is will you be my girl, day after day after day?

Valentine's Day<3

I actually had ISS that day, lol. But he got me this ring, it's kind of like an infinity sign with a big diamond in the middle and then a whole bunch of little ones around it. I've worn it everyday since.

My Supporter.

He's been to every dance competition I've had since we've been together. He always supporting everything I do. Whether it's dance or anything really.♥

Prom, 2013.

Since Chris was a senior, I got to go to prom my sophomore year. And I must admit, I looked fabulous.

Alot of people ask me, oh "So how did he ask you to prom?" . Ya'know, because a lot of people do cute stuff. Well me and Chris were on th phone, it was probably two months before prom, and he was randomly like "You're going to prom with me right?" Yeah. It wasn't much of a question really, lol, but I said yes. It'd be stupid if I'd said no.